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Even If @JoeBiden was sick for some reason, what the US people need isn't a "strong" president, neither a "energetic" campaign that supposedly unchain "passion" and more emotions than the other candidate.

What's needed is a humain being with a brain supported by decent people, able to fully purge every level of the US democratic system from the Trump adepts, loyalists and GOP enablers.

The Media, once again, are falling short on incarnating a public information service, constantly falling into the sensational, click baith, emotion driven narrative that is the often monopoly of the Trump gang, its the only thing they have : bullying, raping every issues, twisting it into their own toxic perspective, spitting people against each other.

IF Biden is sick, Harris will be a perfect US President after Trump, even better than Biden.

When your democracy is broken, what you need isn't passion driven paid hysteria propagandizing a strong leader, you need a healer, able to reform, launch gigantic structural changes that fix the mess that brought Trump in the first place.