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From P2P group on Facebook

For instance, the reality of who is behind the violence in US cities is worth examining.

Many people seem to have forgotten the events of 1-2 months ago

I think the model that best fits this situation is John Robb ‘s

“Open-source warfare is a method of warfare in which many small, autonomous groups can work together—without a formal means of coordination”

There are still “sides” in these current events. But the “sides” understood by the majority of people are not the actual “sides” taken on by the actors.

The goal was to destabilize, and we are now dangerously close to broad destabilization.

The fundamental problem is that a huge amount of US society has not been structured to deal with broad destabilizing forces. The institutions are brittle and hard to adapt. People have mostly lived in very good times, and so are struggling to be adaptive themselves. Power/utility systems, production systems, food systems have been to overly consolidated to serve profit models. So we see them breaking down now. Social order has been too focused on the profit of corporations as well. Even the ideology has been consolidated into “2 sides”.

The hidden reality is that the US is a huge place, with a multitude of perspectives. I agree that people need to learn to see “both sides”. But also think that people need to understand that they live in a multitude, not a duality of perspectives. This will help people become adaptive to the changes now happening. Corporations need to reform around this principle. Government and media need to acknowledge it.