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#NXIVM Cult Leader Keith Raniere Sentenced To 120 Years In Prison

Question Remains... Why is it that the @DalaiLama has a pattern of meeting and acknowledging dubious if not criminal individuals?

Oh he didn't know.. That's the answer right?
He is a global figure, cannot verify everyone he meets? But can preface Raniere's book and appear at his events, for how much money?

Something is rotten and not amount of Buddhist Intelligencia is going to change that.

A lot of people are global figures and they don't necessarily meet with the pedocriminals and ethical guru's that end up in jail for a century.

Certainly, it's in the interest of the Kashag to verify who and what it directly or indirectly legitimate and elevate, certainly when you are a global ethic leader such as the DL, you ought to have a system to make sure your many realizations are not high jacked by parasites and pervert narcissistic individuals.

And if you don't have any such system, what does it say about your real intentions?