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When @discord protect, facilitate and amplify extremists, far-right fundamentalism & ultimately terrorism

Monitoring far-rights extremism on Discord can get your account suspended, on the other end, actively spewing hate on Discord is safe.

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Dear Discord, 

My Name is Ben Borges, @benborges_ on twitter, I'm a progressive activist, I monitor far right disinformation, I infiltrate far-right channels on your service to have a glimpse of what's enfolding in the US & its impact in Europe. 

I don't write about it publicly because I don't have such skills but I work with other activists, activists that have leaked entire channels content in the open to prove far-rights extremists use your platform to organize, weaponize and aggregate haters of all sorts and turn them into a conditioned army. 

So I created this account on Discord because I knew this would happen, I knew swarms of these users would "flag me" when if you actually look at my activity, beside replying to needed questions & posing as Trump supporter to actually get inside the Discord, This account, NEVER, wrote anything publicly on any of the channels I'm in. Not once. 

But I'm flagged. 

So What I'm going to do is publish a copy of this email publicly, denounce your operations (after Charlottesville you should have learned) and actively campaign for Your business to stop amplifying, servicing and amplifying extremist content that end up weaponized in the streets. 

You, pretty much like Facebook and Twitter is facilitating, abetting and helping extremism rise in the US and elsewhere. 

What should be flagged is the countless extremism channels in your service, not the researchers & activists, monitoring such activities & leaking needed information out to alert the maximum number of people, so they can counter organize and fight your extremism facilitation. 

You can flag me once, twice, hundreds of times, I'm simply going to recreate an account, re infiltrate. 

I have other accounts. I'm already logged in the exact far-right extremist channels I was with this identity, you cannot stop any of us. 

There will be more of us. 

There will be leaks of entire discord channels.