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@PeljorTenzin Tenpel, you're going to have to stop this permanent whitewashing of the @dalailama, it's been 6 years now, it's been decades since 93, whatever you "Buddhists" invoke to justify this men legacy is a fallacy in itself, you have to stop LYING, monks are not supposed to lie, TENPEL aka Michael !

If you want to keep lying, disrobe yourself, and at least stop pretending you have any integrity when it comes to the entire question of abuses inside Buddhism.

It's over, You, Mary, you can bark all you want, this purulent abscess needs to be exposed for what it is, a systemic collective failure of Tibetan Buddhism. Until it does not acknowledge it, until it keeps pretending that whatever the fuck it did in the last 40 years is enough, this initiative will keep hammering it frontally and along with it all the dogs guarding the temple.

"It uses a recording of the meeting (the meeting was agreed by both parties to not be recorded)." <<<<--- THIS IS A LIE
3 people present at the "making off of this meeting" corroborate that there was no such agreement, it wasn't even raised.

1) there was absolutely no agreement between none of the parties that the meeting was not supposed to be recorded.

2) there was no agreement between anyone about doing or not doing a recording.

The DL "team" dealing with the "meeting" never talked about any recordings, by the way, they also took pictures of us and got a book, with 11 unknown, unpublished, stories of abuses inside Tibetan Buddhism, this book, I bet the DL never read it, you know why ? Because the institution is broken by design.

3) the recording was improvised, done on top of the minute, by Ricardo, because Ricardo decided to keep a record of this historical moment that the DL was USING as a way to get his "version" plastered in the entire English-speaking information space. The recording was made in the case the DL broke his promise and did precisely nothing or the opposite of what he announced to the 4 survivors at the meeting.

4) Ricardo "collaborated" with the propaganda that the DL made after the meeting by saying "you have given me ammunition to do something" by engaging himself and his office to actual action against this systemic issue, Ricardo purposely decided to give him a chance to actually do something, but he was very acutely aware the whole media operation was a way to contain the problem and to control the communication out of this visit in Amsterdam.

5) nobody is being fooled here, there was absolutely no agreement to not record the meeting, if there was, Ricardo never signed it, the group of 4 never mentioned it, nobody talked about it and Ricardo in front of the DL, took out his phone to SHOW a photo of the DL with Robert Spatz while the phone was recording the DL right in front of him, so let me make this clear :

If you are going to use this recording, and it's "legality" as a weapon against us, you're going to find us in your way and this time you'll not be able to control the narrative, neither anyone here doing damage control for the "Buddhists".

Your time is over. ya'll had decades to "take a posture", whatever TB took as a "posture" is the weakest demonstration of actual "Buddhism" that I have seen from ANY of the other religions concerned by the same drift, there is not such thing as Tibetan Buddhism Exceptionalism and we're about to smash what remains of it, precisely because for decades, the dogs guarding the Temple have been more concerned by their beloved cult figure than by the abuses themselves or the victims.

it's over.

an OKC survivor