Ukraine to discuss security guarantees with U.S. next week

Negotiations between Ukraine and the United States for a bilateral security guarantee agreement are set to begin as early as next week, head of the Office of the President Andrii Yermak reported on Telegram.

These guarantees will remain in effect until Ukraine attains NATO membership. “While Ukraine cannot join NATO due to the ongoing war, it is essential for our state to ensure reliable guarantees during this transitional phase,” Yermak said.

At the Vilnius NATO summit, which took place from July 11-12, G7 countries announced that they are planning to reaffirm their long-term support of Ukraine through bilateral security commitments. They will be aimed at providing military equipment, conducting personnel trainings, and bolstering defense industry.

New states are joining the declaration on a nearly weekly basis. Ukraine will create a set of bilateral agreements incorporating specific security guarantees with each of them.

Currently, Ukraine is starting to hold negotiations on the nature of the agreement and detailed security guarantees with the U.S.

The security guarantees will entail explicit and long-lasting obligations. They will bolster Ukraine’s ability to resist Russian aggression. The guarantees will also address sanctions, financial aid, and post-war reconstruction.

Ukraine to discuss security guarantees with U.S. next week