Politico: Biden set to announce further Ukraine aid request on Aug. 10

The Biden administration is expected to disclose its appeal for billions of dollars in extra funds intended for weaponry and other forms of assistance to Ukraine on Thursday, Aug. 10, Politico reports.

According to two undisclosed sources, the emergency funding request is likely to incorporate aid for Taiwan and resources to renew swiftly diminishing disaster relief funds. Neither of these individuals elaborated on the exact sum of the appeal or its specific intended goals.

The appeal for increased funding to aid Ukraine during its counteroffensive is certain to add to the already intense clash over government funding on Capitol Hill. Conservatives there are skeptical about procuring further aid packages without a comprehensive account of how previous assistance has been allocated.

Government funding will stop on Sept. 30, and and both the House and Senate budget committees are envisioning the incorporation of funds for Ukraine, Taiwan, and disaster relief in a short-term spending plan.

Achieving this plan might be challenging however, without substantial bipartisan cooperation. This is especially true in the House, where Republicans hold a slim majority and some conservatives remain opposed to any temporary funding solution that lacks significant spending cuts or GOP policy priorities.

A day ago, spokesperson of the U.S. State Department Matthew Miller reported that the U.S. will announce a new military aid package for Ukraine. Additionally, Miller mentioned  that the U.S. is thinking about new missiles and defense systems.

Politico: Biden set to announce further Ukraine aid request on Aug. 10