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Архів війни - The War Archive is a unified database of video and audio materials about the war in Ukraine.

The War Archive is a unified database of video and audio materials about the war in Ukraine. We preserve and organize the military chronicle. Millions of people have become victims and witnesses of numerous crimes. With the simplest means of documentation, we can make these crimes visible and punish the perpetrators. And also to tell the world about what it is like to live during the war.


This @TheAtlantic article could have actually addressed the real issue here, but it did not ! #MalcolmNance

Malcolm Nance, is not an idealist like the end of the article suggest, Malcolm Nance is a grifter, someone that consistently lied and exaggerated his own track record to reach places he does not belong to.

That includes Ukraine.

And no, not even 80K "donations" should allow Malcolm Nance to pontificate on Ukraine as if he has any of the expertise he claims to have.

But I guess the American public will have its appetite with a good storyteller, without even realizing Ukrainian People are telling their own story, and they just need to be actually listened, to have real stories about the War in Ukraine told by the very first people concerned : the Ukrainian People.

The US media is not making any effort, not even a little, to cover the war against Ukraine properly, even tho, I'm not sure ANY war in the past have had this amount of extensive open investigation done in real time like it's happening on Twitter and Twitter Spaces, one thing is clear, Legacy media is absolutely inept.

If Ukraine is still in the News Cycle it's because people, citizens are maintaining the pressure and lobbying their governments to help Ukraine, if it wasn't for that, the US would have forgotten Ukraine in the first week of the war.


Donbas Doubles: The Search for Girkin and Plotnitsky's Cover Identities - bellingcat

Yet other, now public, information suggests that Girkin was taking orders from an FSB officer while in Ukraine. Intercepted telephone conversations released by the Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (tasked with investigating the MH17 downing) indicate that in the summer of 2014 Girkin took orders from ‘Vladimir Ivanovich’, the pseudonym of a curator of the separatists whom Bellingcat and partners later identified as Colonel General Andrey Burlaka – at the time the Chief of the Operational Staff of the FSB’s Border Service. Furthermore, a leaked draft letter from Burlaka to FSB chief Alexander Bortnikov from July 2014 shows him requesting a fake Russian passport for an unknown DNR leader living in the occupied-areas. As mentioned in previous reporting on Burlaka, Bellingcat was unable to independently authenticate the leaked document nor establish whether it was sent – although it did appear to include non-public information and reference several real email addresses.


How 2 American Veterans Ended Up in Ukraine, Prisoners of Russian-Armed Militants |

"A week ago, our team ended up isolated in the middle of a Russian offensive," the men's unit -- a sort of militia sanctioned by the Ukrainian government -- later posted in a June 15 tweet that notified the world of their capture.

While in Ukraine, the two men moved between at least three different units, including a company with the Ukrainian Foreign Legion, a regular Ukrainian army unit, and finally Task Force Baguette, which is a group of American and French fighters that appeared to be sanctioned by Ukraine's ministry of defense.


IBM joins other tech giants and removes Russian state controlled network from its cloud service - CyberScoop #peterthiel #RT

Until the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the state-sponsored RT television network was one of Moscow’s main tools for spreading propaganda beyond its borders. But after the war started, most global tech companies either cut off RT’s programs from their streaming platforms or took steps to severely limit the network’s reach over the internet.


Malcolm Nance: racism, bullying and misogyny are not liberal or democratic values – #MalcolmNance

This is a testimonial from a Canadian women experience with "dating Malcolm Nance"
This post is online for one simple reason : it's a voice of Truth to a position of Power.

And since 1 or 2 days the original link to this post has been removed from the internet, just another reason to keep it up and accessible.

This Testimonial is credible, it's legit, and it shows the dark side of Malcolm Nance, the one you'll never see on TV, but a side that keeps surfacing the moment you dare to put in question Malcolm Nance affirmation be it regarding his personal motivations, Ukraine or the way he seems to treat women's he pretend to aggregate under his narrative/influence game.

The best thing Malcolm Nance can do about this is to stop harassing or pressuring people that dare putting His Majesty into question.

The second-best thing Malcolm Nance can do is to apologize to the people he pressured or harassed when they did not comply to this game.

The third-best thing Malcolm Nance can do is to avoid repeating the same targeting against People that are in any shape or form or capacity actually Helping Ukraine from a self-less detached perspective.

if you want to know what is the issue here, you're probably interested on this post :