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OKC/Spatz cult Survivor | info activist, agitator, disruption of social injustice | focus : Protests, Far-Right, geopol, disinfo
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The Problem with Malcolm Nance and Ukraine

There is nothing wrong sticking to the truth, actually it reinforces the entire messaging where lying weakens everything.

4 min read

Malcolm Nance is a necessary voice, not only to keep Ukraine in the US media landscape, but also because Malcolm Nance is one of the few US voices in the Media actually describing the US domestic insurgency for what it is, without compromising on anything about the reality of the January 6th insurgency.

The problem is when Malcolm Nance is self-aggrandizing his rank, positions and actions in the International Legion !

When he does this, he is lying. Telling lies that are detrimental to help Ukraine stays in the news, lies that are detrimental to his otherwise correct assessment of the Threats to Democracy in the US.

This problem becomes even bigger when Malcolm is told that he should not present himself as an active Legion member, much less under a fictional ranking and instead of listening, threaten and intimidate or pressure, actual volunteers that are IN UKRAINE, fighting for what he claims to be defending.

It's really a shame because Ukraine need a voice in the US media (very, very short attention span) and Malcolm is a good storyteller, if only he could stick to a humble position instead of self aggrandizing his role in Ukraine, or dare I say it : grifting on Ukraine.

I'm fine with riding the US Jan6 to wake up USians mind, I'm fine with Malcolm using Jan6 to make money and sell his book, but there are limits on what can be used and abused to make one's reputation and money out of it.

A little integrity, ethics and humility is needed if one's Ego is not to takeover and make one do some really stupid shit that ultimately destroy all the good that was done.

And no amount of money donated, no amount of gear donated to Ukraine gives anyone the Right to use Ukraine to boost their career, certainly not by sharing information that could put people on the ground at risk or by self-aggrandizing rank, role, position or the reality of one's actions on the ground.

Ukraine is not and should NOT be used as a pawn to advance Malcolm Nance personal interests.

We have enough twitter warriors, on the Twitter landscape, enough grifters, fake soldiers, fake charities and fake supporters, maybe it's time for the so-called greatest supporters of Ukraine to avoid putting their own ego before the cause they pretend to defend.

Fact : Malcolm was in the Legion from April 8th until July 6th.
Fact : Foreigners cannot hold "command" position in Ukraine Armed Forces or in the International Legion, no matter their "star" position in the US media.
Fact : Malcolm Nance is totally right regarding the fact that if Ukraine loose, we lose.
Fact : Malcolm Nance pretend to have dropped a 5 or 7 figures salary and a comfortable life to go "fight in Ukraine", if that's the case, why is Malcolm Nance dropping more tweets than bullets or Intelligence analysis actually used by Ukrainians ?

Maybe because one cannot be a front-line combatant, a self claimed terrorism & radicalization expert, a "political analyst" for MSNBC, an author all at the same time ?

BUT what remains is clear :

Small lies lead to an impossible big lie, and that's not what Ukraine need, and anyone that knows some background information knows that :

1) MN was never "Intel Chief" or in any special ranking position in Ukraine.
2) MN was never at the front in combat, MN approached the front 1x while in Ukraine
3) MN was not, is not part of any Command level
4) MN was not, is not part of Ukraine "Intel apparatus"
5) MN is not currently part of the International Legion, his contract was rescinded before leaving Ukraine henceforth, as he had said himself, he's not a Legion spokesperson, hence should differentiate when speaking as Political Analyst for MSNBC and Ex-Ukraine International Legion Volunteer.
6) MN "clandestine" operations in Ukraine are not confirmed by anyone but him

Podcast, Media appearances where MN have claimed otherwise :

Lies, misappropriation, illusions of grandeur always, always come back at you like a boomerang, so the best strategy is to avoid throwing the boomerang altogether.

Malcolm Nance real CV :
background testimonial 1
background testimonial 2
background testimonial 3


Twitter "Support" what's totally wrong with it, a list

3 min read

When you fill a generic twitter support form, for locked or suspended accounts, no matter what you write in the form, you always get this generic default automated reply, nobody has read your previous fill-in form context, nobody will read it, instead an automation will send this below :

screenshot :

API lock :


  1. Log into your account, or open your Twitter app on iOS or Android.

Out of context, I'm already logged in, why would I need to get the instruction to open the app, it's ridiculous.

  1. You’ll see a message about your account, and a prompt to click “Start.”

There is no message about your account, there is nothing in the twitter front-end that gives any communication about what's happening, instead, without reasons, suddenly you have to pass an Arkose challenge, or you have to verify "humanity" by an automated process that is utterly unable to adapt to context.

  1. Select your country/region, and then enter your phone number.

There is no way to select country or "enter phone number", there is a blank page, with my phone number displayed and a Twitter message that this number on the screen, that Twitter already know about, is going to be called. Guess what ?

  1. Click “Send code.”

the call never arrives, Twitter has an issue with "Virtual providers", anyone can call my number, but twitter can't because we don't know why.Also there is no explanation or fuck given to allow the user to choose HOW he wants to be verified, a simple SMS would do the work, but instead, an automated call with an automated voice is supposed to call me with a code, the call never happens, the code never arrives.

  1. You’ll receive a message from Twitter with a confirmation code.

One, the message is not a message, Twitter decided it would be a call, the call is never happening, the confirmation code is never arriving, amateur level of support here.

  1. Enter the code you receive on the prompt screen. You’ll receive a confirmation. Please note, it may take a few minutes for your account to be completely unlocked.

There is no code in the first place. Even after hours of waiting, if you request too much time to be called, you get an error message saying you abused the feature and that you need to contact "support".

  1. If you’re still experiencing a problem after confirming your identity, respond to this message and provide us with more details about what’s happening.

If you try to respond to this message, nobody is going to reply, nobody is going to read it. Instead, you get a default message, stating Twitter has automated systems to catch spam counter TOS behaviors and that Twitter is really sorry, that the account is unlocked.


Wait for a few days, next account lock, rinse & repeat, ad vita eternaem.

Twitter, the worst "support" you can get.


When @discord protect, facilitate and amplify extremists, far-right fundamentalism & ultimately terrorism

Monitoring far-rights extremism on Discord can get your account suspended, on the other end, actively spewing hate on Discord is safe.

2 min read

Dear Discord, 

My Name is Ben Borges, @benborges_ on twitter, I'm a progressive activist, I monitor far right disinformation, I infiltrate far-right channels on your service to have a glimpse of what's enfolding in the US & its impact in Europe. 

I don't write about it publicly because I don't have such skills but I work with other activists, activists that have leaked entire channels content in the open to prove far-rights extremists use your platform to organize, weaponize and aggregate haters of all sorts and turn them into a conditioned army. 

So I created this account on Discord because I knew this would happen, I knew swarms of these users would "flag me" when if you actually look at my activity, beside replying to needed questions & posing as Trump supporter to actually get inside the Discord, This account, NEVER, wrote anything publicly on any of the channels I'm in. Not once. 

But I'm flagged. 

So What I'm going to do is publish a copy of this email publicly, denounce your operations (after Charlottesville you should have learned) and actively campaign for Your business to stop amplifying, servicing and amplifying extremist content that end up weaponized in the streets. 

You, pretty much like Facebook and Twitter is facilitating, abetting and helping extremism rise in the US and elsewhere. 

What should be flagged is the countless extremism channels in your service, not the researchers & activists, monitoring such activities & leaking needed information out to alert the maximum number of people, so they can counter organize and fight your extremism facilitation. 

You can flag me once, twice, hundreds of times, I'm simply going to recreate an account, re infiltrate. 

I have other accounts. I'm already logged in the exact far-right extremist channels I was with this identity, you cannot stop any of us. 

There will be more of us. 

There will be leaks of entire discord channels.