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Telehunt : Monitoring Russian Disinformation on Telegram

It's been a month inside Zelegram, I needed tools to understand 'what the beeep' is going on, so I mashed up some stuff together and did a different iteration of the same idea : Expose content safely without a Telegram account, but how does it work? Thread⬇️
Workflow for each Telegram collection - the end of the workflow is among other, telegram, so that people can subscribe to translated content directly inside - Discord output to a small group (trivial to add more exit)Image

Twitter output :

(Protected to avoid spreading of Telegram on Twitter) Open web output :

Telegram Video Only channel :

Iteration #0 was simpler, the data goes from Telegram to Inoreader, then export of the aggregated content can be accessible with built-in

URL translation : WARNING : graphic !! Telegram collection 1 Scroll down to fetch next 50 posts

Telegram Collection 2 - built-in English translation, switch to another language in the top right corner
Telegram Collection 3 !! Z / Militants / paramilitary / war nasty stuff, content advisory warning !!!
And finally the same idea but for Russian State Media Link : All these 4 links with built-in translation are constantly being updated with new posts from their origin telegram channel, so researchers can have each of them in different tabs and keep track
So in short the current iteration of this setup is based on iteration 0, the data sources are the same, it's just the way of presenting and translating it that are different. Feel free to use & share these tools, my goal is that we're all better prepared to counter disinfo
Finally, if other researchers, journalists, academics, people want a direct feed of the raw data (in russian) we have JSON/RSS With a bit of more work it should be easy to push the translated content to other tools/databases