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Ukraine's foreign legion ready to fight Russians back in


This is what it is to actually listen to someone in the ground in Ukraine, listed & under contract.

No time for stories and tweets, just cold reality.

Hear it because it's full of insight, we're lucky to even be able to hear this!


The Russian military will only respond to deterrence, they know that they can steamroll ahead with their superior artillery firepower and Superior air power and simply inch by inch meter by meter Village by Village crush the Ukrainian military's resistance.

As bravely as the Ukrainians have fought and are fighting every day, they simply do not have the hardware to stand up to the Russian army. This is why the calls for immediate and vast delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine is so critical.

Negotiations: The door should always be open absolutely, but the point is Vladimir Putin will only come to the negotiating table willing to back down, willing to compromise and give Ukraine and the West something we want, if he is facing loss, if he's facing deterrence, right now the fact that we have leaders, we have President Macron and Chancellor Schultz making phone calls to Putin calling for dialogue. This is feeding right into Putin strategy, any notion of saving Putin's face is farcical.

And honestly, when I heard Macron make this statement about not humiliating Putin, I had the sense that maybe it's about not humiliating Mr Macron.

He went on his very high profile diplomatic mission to Moscow before the war began, said, I'm going to sit down with Vladimir Putin and talk to him. Well, that didn't work.

Vladimir Putin has a much better measure of the men in high office here in Western Europe than our leaders have of him. He's been in this game for a very long time. He's much more experienced PsyOps and our leaders have zero experience in this.

This is a tactical weakness that Russia is also playing with Putin knows that the egos of our leaders can be manipulated for his aims. He also knows that the fears of our voters are for him a weapon he can use by spreading fear in the population. He can ensure that our Democratic institutions and leaders have to respond to those fears and the number one thing that our leaders in Western Europe would need to do to assuage those fears is having a clear conversation with the public with the people of Germany or France and all across Europe to help them understand why this is happening what Russia's strategy is and what we are doing to counter it but instead unfortunately, especially in the case of Chancellor Schultz. He walked right into the trap, and he spread the fear himself even further.

Full episode here :


Briefing Alert - in one hour
Damien Magrou, Spokesperson for the International Legion for the Defence of Ukraine (in person)

Key topic: International Legion’s achievements in the russo-Ukrainian war
In English:


Jan. 6 committee holds first public hearing in series of eight - 6/9 (FULL LIVE STREAM)


docker run --cpus 0.5 -it --rm --log-driver none --name multidd --pull always karboduck/multidd --lang en


Russia’s reinvention of war exploits old techniques for a new century. Open-source citizen investigators are fighting back.


Must Share : 100 days - - by @spook_info
thanks for taking the time to produce this, it's deeply moving, great work!


Have a setup to host Telegram Desktop Exports with media, images, videos
now I can finally focus on making it incremental and automated !


Twitter "Support" what's totally wrong with it, a list

3 min read

When you fill a generic twitter support form, for locked or suspended accounts, no matter what you write in the form, you always get this generic default automated reply, nobody has read your previous fill-in form context, nobody will read it, instead an automation will send this below :

screenshot :

API lock :


  1. Log into your account, or open your Twitter app on iOS or Android.

Out of context, I'm already logged in, why would I need to get the instruction to open the app, it's ridiculous.

  1. You’ll see a message about your account, and a prompt to click “Start.”

There is no message about your account, there is nothing in the twitter front-end that gives any communication about what's happening, instead, without reasons, suddenly you have to pass an Arkose challenge, or you have to verify "humanity" by an automated process that is utterly unable to adapt to context.

  1. Select your country/region, and then enter your phone number.

There is no way to select country or "enter phone number", there is a blank page, with my phone number displayed and a Twitter message that this number on the screen, that Twitter already know about, is going to be called. Guess what ?

  1. Click “Send code.”

the call never arrives, Twitter has an issue with "Virtual providers", anyone can call my number, but twitter can't because we don't know why.Also there is no explanation or fuck given to allow the user to choose HOW he wants to be verified, a simple SMS would do the work, but instead, an automated call with an automated voice is supposed to call me with a code, the call never happens, the code never arrives.

  1. You’ll receive a message from Twitter with a confirmation code.

One, the message is not a message, Twitter decided it would be a call, the call is never happening, the confirmation code is never arriving, amateur level of support here.

  1. Enter the code you receive on the prompt screen. You’ll receive a confirmation. Please note, it may take a few minutes for your account to be completely unlocked.

There is no code in the first place. Even after hours of waiting, if you request too much time to be called, you get an error message saying you abused the feature and that you need to contact "support".

  1. If you’re still experiencing a problem after confirming your identity, respond to this message and provide us with more details about what’s happening.

If you try to respond to this message, nobody is going to reply, nobody is going to read it. Instead, you get a default message, stating Twitter has automated systems to catch spam counter TOS behaviors and that Twitter is really sorry, that the account is unlocked.


Wait for a few days, next account lock, rinse & repeat, ad vita eternaem.

Twitter, the worst "support" you can get.