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How Christopher Cantwell crumbled
The “Crying Nazi” goes on trial this week in federal court in New Hampshire in a case that no one saw coming. Including him.

How Civil Society Can Combat Misinformation and Hate Speech Without Making It Worse | by TaSC | PoliticalPandemonium2020 |

Really questioning the current trend that new leaks, tweets and even great journalism can even provoke a mild impact on the Trump cult/base, after 2016, that's all the ammo available?

Imagine a country where Supreme Court appointments can last a generation and where the sitting president is getting ready to challenge the election results even before they enfolded, so no matter the result, it will always be rigged or to his narcisistic disadvantage.
by securing himself, in advance, with a Justice he himself nominated, It's not just conflict of interest, this is appointing a specific Justice in exchange of favors at later stage.. I'm not sure there is greater corruption embodiment than what's happening right now.

L'info en 2020:

- en plein procès des attentats 2015, attaque à l'arme blanche fait le tour du monde.

- tous les jours, des gens meurent de faim, de soif, de nos guerres ou nos armes de guerre, des dérèglements climatiques de plus en plus violent.

On s'en tape.

Just imagine a country where Police murders only take center stage when after years of protest, athletes & "personalities" finally take a stance against Police murders?
If it wasn't for these athletes, going against the tide, if it wasn't for protesting, nothing, nothing would have been said or done about police murders in the US.

Which beg the question : what has been done? Police impunity is still above and beyond the law, police unions are still the only unions USian's get to have and they are used to protect murderers. In uniform.

An Act in a few deadly steps : Wars we profit from -> leads to mass migrations -> leads to asylum burden on few countries -> leads to Migrants trying to escape hell at all cost -> leads to -> leads to stagnation of the migrants -> add covid-19 to that mess -> leads to even more constraints -> Over-Population of the camps, lack of resources, lack of Human dignity -> Sponsored by European Members States & EU Institutions -> Unless Greece is Burning to the ground already affected by the financial crisis & its aftermath -> leads to xenophobia, racism, far-right militias direct actions against & other camps -> leads to fire -> leads to even more precariousness & scarcity of resources -> EU institutions act if they were concerned by the issues by traveling to the camps and making empty statements -> meanwhile the same EU institutions sold their European Values soul to Erdogan/Turkey to "host refugees" giving the Turkish regime leverage to play with EU & Members States in full impunity -> leads to paralysis of European Institutions and Members States (which serve the ideological arms of the Right/Conservative/Far-Right swarms both at national and European level -> leads to paralysis of the European Parliament, unable to divert too much from xenophobic nationalist policies -> leads to even more nationalist overtone against migration, refugees that disrupt the European level, hostage of the un-transparent EU Council, bowing to nationalist national narratives, self-harming so called European Values that are never put in practice when they should be enforced.

The result is the quagmire of 2020