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OKC/Spatz cult Survivor | info activist, agitator, disruption of social injustice | focus : Protests, Far-Right, geopol, disinfo
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This self-generated mythology—an anti-authoritarian truth-teller whose successes stemmed from confronting “the machine,” as Pool puts it—bears little resemblance to reality.

Contrary to the overall manner in which Pool portrays himself, he was not an intrepid field reporter and streamer who barreled into conflict zones filled with an unshakable desire to ferret out the real story. Pool was at times reluctant to leave the safety of his hotel room, according to several of the nearly 30 former co-workers and other acquaintances from the past decade who spoke with The Daily Beast. He’d come across as uninterested in interviewing subjects or doing much research. During shoots, Pool’s head was frequently buried in his phone, diligently tracking social media, only to blame his co-workers or equipment when he couldn’t live up to his clippings. Pool’s main focus when reporting, those on the ground with him said, was drawing attention to himself.


The privatization of domains on the internet is bad for everyone, domains TLD should be owned by cooperatives, themselves owned by co-op members and there should be no speculation on public goods, there is no valid reason to increase tld's .com for example besides making profit on goods that shouldn't be open to speculation and corporate greed.

Talking to you Verisign!


Child abuse causes gene mutation, impacting the next generation. Centuries of trauma to the male children in Tibet. Ripped away from their families in early childhood, sexually abused in the 'monasteries', the very young boys chosen to be a tulku, have identity loss. It's no wonder in adulthood these males struggle with addiction issues, alcohol, drug abuse, violence, sex addiction.

The genome scientists are saying:

"In addition to harming the immediate wellbeing of the child, maltreatment and extreme stress during childhood can impair early brain development and metabolic and immune system function, leading to chronic health problems.

As a consequence, abused children are at increased risk for a wide range of physical health conditions including obesity, heart disease, and cancer, as well as psychiatric conditions such as depression, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, high-risk behaviors and violence."


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Institutional abuse happens because multiple levels of leadership and the very structure of the organization itself becomes a haven for predators—they are given access to their intended prey, and they are given positions of trust and leadership.


Kanakuk Facts added as a source / this tool is going to keep shining lights on Abuses worldwide.
Bring on the suspensions, the harassment, this is here to stay.


Try to get a Justice Initiative verified or a personal activist account, you won't get verified, but @twitter verified countless figures of the US far-right without any objection.


So @Twitterdev Automated Governance with post moderation : Twitter has automated systems that find and disable abusive API keys in bulk. Unfortunately, it looks like your application got caught up in one of these spam groups by mistake. We have reactivated the API key and we apologize for the inconvenience. conspi/far-right/alt-right/maga/qanon databases is of 1.40GB of text for more than 2 millions article...