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The racist, now deleted, Russian Beauty project

"The Yves Rocher Standard of Beauty - a revolutionary approach in the cosmetics industry

Yves Rocher Corporation presents a new revolutionary and unique approach to the beauty industry. From the 1st of March, in all the Russian stores of our company starts a unique campaign called "Russian Beauty". Tens of thousands of our customers can not only find the necessary cosmetics and means for skin and hair care, but also make sure that their metric data correspond to the ideals of Russian beauties. For this purpose, tables and templates with anthropometric ideals corresponding to the pure phenotype of the Russian woman will be placed in all sales outlets. And our experts will be able to give free advice on how and by what cosmetic means and techniques ladies can emphasize the native Russian features of appearance and, if necessary, smooth out the personal features that do not correspond to the Russian anthropometry.

The "Russian Beauty" project by Yves Rocher is the result of great and painstaking work. Experts of the corporation collected and generalized thousands of historical and contemporary data about the appearance of famous Russian beauties, whose outstanding appearance was undisputed and whose Russian origin was confirmed by documents. Such an approach made it possible to draw a clear parallel between the ethnic peculiarities of Russian women's beauty and the best use of cosmetic products.

Today, when patriotic feelings in Russia are stronger than ever, Yves Rocher celebrates the unique and exceptional nature of pure Russian beauty. The best genes from generation to generation have created a unique image of Russian beauty. And our duty is to preserve and multiply it.

The Russian phenotype is a reflection of the purity of Russian culture, a special and striking example for those who have long lost their primordiality and exclusivity, wastefully mixing their genes with the genes of other peoples.

Mothers, wives, daughters - those who have always been the guardians of the family hearth in Russia, while men increase the glory of their native land - is the basis of a special Russian civilization. Civilization of greatness, strength and unique beauty.

Archived here for exposure and boycott of any brand still operating in Russia and adapting their marketing to fit a genocidal war by the country they are operating and adapting to the regime.

Archive :



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JSONhero with russian "live" telegram video war data


Alright, is back online, same for sub-sites / telegram archives etc..


Rebooting , should be up & running in a few minutes.


Alright, all running smooth :


Going to have to remount a remote storage, so will have to reboot container, then I have security upgrades to finish, so I'll have to reboot the server itself, be ready for a short downtime.


Ukraine : Country wide siren alerts - information is that two missile salvos have been fired into Ukraine. ETA on the first is around 14:50, second wave ETA is 15:30.


Demo for Russian channels :

so this is just a different way to browse the content from here

or for Ukraine channels and again same as

The baserow view add the ability to enrich the data with a team but also search and filtering capability on the aggregated content. the end goal would be osintukraine v2 : a united front-end with search and tagging capability, either from backend or front-end contributions.