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OKC/Spatz cult Survivor | info activist, agitator, disruption of social injustice | focus : Protests, Far-Right, geopol, disinfo
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OSINT-TV Live multi-cam / daily briefings / interviews / contributions from seasoned OSINT experts


One accusation circulating on social media was that the Geneva-based body helped organise forced evacuations of Ukrainians from the besieged city of Mariupol to Russia.

Watson insisted that the ICRC "would never support any operation that would go against people's will and our principles".


⚑️ Ukraine's General Staff: Russia fails to mobilize enough military personnel in North Caucasus.

Locals don't want to fight in the war against Ukraine, according to Ukrainian intelligence data.

According to Ukraine's general staff, due to acute shortage of military personnel, Russia plans to conduct a nationwide mobilization in parallel with the spring conscription, running from April 1 and until July 15.

source The Kyiv Independent


Telehunt : Monitoring Russian Disinformation on Telegram


Let Them Teach
republicans are throwing a temper tantrum because educators are teaching their students that queer people exist. like, get a fucking grip bro.


Monitoring Russian disInformation about Russian invasion of Ukraine

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How this is working ?

- Subscribed to Telegram channels that I display on HTML page parsed into Google Translate to have automatic translation of the Title and Description of each new entries in the collection, in the context of Telegram it's very limited, but it's better than no translation, the idea here is to be able to monitor inside Telegram without being logged in.

This is just a set of 30 telegram accounts particularly toxic :

- no need for a telegram account or vpn

it would be trivial to split Telegram channels by type (pro-putin,Z, anti-war, etc..) and aggregate even more information, but it's costly. (contributions welcome)

Russian state media aggregated and translated, same idea, here the translation is really worth it because the content extracted from RSS is bigger and allow better understanding of the narratives at play.

you can use an auto reload extension to have the page refresh periodically the same for set of 300+ sources (US,RU,FR) of potential disinformation about Ukraine


I've been using RSS since many years to subscribe to News sources and generally craft my own information system without the need of platforms, algorithmic feeds or "social media"
- Since Ukraine invasion started, I noticed a huge chunk of my aggregation/monitoring is missing, mainly what Russian state media are publishing because of ddos-guard being implemented across all Russian site, current RSS readers cannot bypass or validate Cloudflare/DDOS-Guard.

The results are that if you subscribe to the RSS feed of Russian state media to keep an eye on their "side" of the information war, well you can't, since the RSS reader is not able to fetch the feed, so I'm curious the impact of such decision will have on News site that still get, 20 Years after, still provide an RSS feed to subscribe to, the added friction these security measures bring will have a huge traffic impact on disinfo sources like RT & other State backed media.