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Automated unsupervised algorithmic governance suck !


I think I should add "digital sniper" to my resume but the problem is I can't tell you why!


"A profound passage from an article about communal farming practices in Oaxaca, Mexico in the most recent issue of Permaculture Design magazine in which a conversation between an indigenous canapsino and visiting US environmentalist is recounted:
“You see, our life is based on the nosotros, on the ‘we’… on ‘us’ not on the yo, not on the ‘me.’ You in the North are afraid of the nosotros because you fear you will lose the yo, the ‘I,’ that unique all-important ‘me’ with all its potential for greatness - to stand out among others.
“Forgive me for perhaps being presumptuous, but you have lost the understanding that is in the nosotros that we really become our yo - who we really are… a ‘me’ that cannot exist without ye ‘us,’ the nosotros. Without the nosotros, we don’t exist, and if the nosotros ceases to exist, we die. That is what is happening to you, and it is trying to infect us too.”


Just the idea that the US administration is still credible throwing "red lines" at this stage of the rampage going on in China, Syria, Libya or Russia is ridiculous.


How do you perceive the "other side" ?


2018 A Buddhist abbot in China is accused of sexually harassing female worshippers. The movement isn't new to the country, yet victims have little chance of recourse as the state seems to protect powerful perpetrators.


Live from Brussels
standoff continue, a bit calmer now, but people still surrounded by police lines


Live from Brussels
Police charging in different areas of