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OKC/Spatz cult Survivor | info activist, agitator, disruption of social injustice | focus : Protests, Far-Right, geopol, disinfo
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Perception can bring down an empire.

It doesn't matter how much military might and economic power you can have, if the public perception is that you're corrupt, weak and lack of integrity the image of the empire construction falls apart, it's inevitable.

Sometimes your power is so vast, that the crumbling of the perception itself is invisible for the powerful, the denial takes all the space because if even a shred of doubts penetrate the fortress the light of such disruption can itself bring down the empire.

Sometimes, even after having suffered a global defeat, the empire can't see through, the wheel keep spinning as if apparent normalcy was rock solid but underneath the surface, it's cracking from everywhere, doubts are getting in and once they infect the empire hearts & minds, the crumbling happens, even if below the surface.

It's all about Trust, Integrity, Transparency.

Something that clearly miss every possible corners where governments and corporations are operating in a post pandemic world still in full pandemic.

For one's empire to be attacked, it needs to offer flaws, weaknesses, arguments can be made that one's actions and their consequences have actually produced the crumbling of the empire.

The empire cannot be attacked from outside, unless it opens the path for it, unless it's actions feed the adversary attack surface.

Can the Champion of Democracy ©®™$ be defeated?

What's coming next? What kind of permanent error are we sliding in as human societies that we're unable to change course?

The erosion of democracy, the erosion of trust, didn't happened overnight, it came to be slowly, like a virus of the mind, it infected everything, because everything was fake, everything was built on injustice, profit, exploitation, extraction.

What pivoted the Hearts & Minds of so many Americans willing to self harm themselves for centuries to come didn't happened overnight, it came to be step by step, one mistake after the other.

One lack of integrity after the other, until it became impossible to triage the integrity pool, until, dragged down by mafia states and fiscal paradises, there was no more difference between the mafia states and the degenerative democracies, until democracies became flawed, degenerative authoritarian drifts, that voters voted for.

An empire cannot be attacked without porosity that allows the attacks to penetrate.

Porosity is made out of mistakes, exceptionalism, lies and complete disregard for the human kind and its ecosystem.

That's how our democracies degenerated, by their own mistakes, supported by alternative narratives coming from the outside that attached to porosity holes, planted the doubt, allowed the cracks to happen, exist and survive.

You can't sell weapons and democracy at the same time.
You can't sell war and peace at the same time.
You can't invade other countries and demand others not doing so.
You can't use chemical weapons against humans and then pretend to be the guardian of the non proliferation of chemicals weapons.

Well you can, but you're not credible. And when you do so, once again, whatever you're doing is participating in the crumble of democracy, not its renewal or regeneration.

At this point, the lack of confidence is so huge its reshuffling the entire power stack globally.

We, Westerners can keep pretending we hold the game but we don't, we lost it.

We lost it towards authoritarian regimes coupled with a dark infrastructure of mafia states, corrupt greedy corporations and fiscal Paradises.

It's only a question of time but the crumbling is inevitable.

The question is : what do we do?

It's in time like ours that historical mistakes are done :

- there is no better way out than no way out to justify historical mistakes
- it's when collective trust is absent that collective mistakes are made
- it's when democratic institutions cannot be trusted that authoritarian regime institutions are created and thrive
- it's when the lack of meaning is so pervasive that creating alternative temporary parallel realities are the most dangerous and effective.
- it's when the interpretation of reality itself cannot be trusted that societal fragmentation of realities create a situation where individuals are disconnected, easier to manipulate and increasingly fragile.

the destruction of human societies leads to fascism and right now, there isn't one model that is working to avoid it, they all lead to it, with different shade of Grey or Green but it all leads to the same spot : a world built and designed with inequalities and division as a mean to hold power and control the future, we can either endure it or fight against it, either case, the Planet wins, we loose.


HJR48, the , is in the House of Representatives and we need your help to carry it forward!


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Voices from the open web : Suspended from the birdsite since Nov 2020, I'm still trying to get unsuspended, only if for the archive of a decade of tweets, but I don't have much hope there..
deplatforming can be automated, without possibilities of appeal, you don't even need to have breached anything, you just need to be profiled the wrong way and some algorithm will wipe your existence out of it, without even the slightest chance of appeal.

Twitter is doing automated moderation based on shadowy algorithms, total lack of accountability, transparency or democratic governance.

Its not new, but platforms are rogue and cannot be trusted, no matter where you stand in the political spectrum.


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