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The Ukraine Thing: A Timeline of GOP Betrayal - PREVAIL by Greg Olear

How the Republicans caved to Putin. The whole party, not just Trump.


Crazy how the US election sucked away all the attention from covid-19 gradually but inevitably, now the entire planet is holding its breath, just to see if we're going back to normal with Trump or without Trump, who knows might actually win in the End.


The Plot to Kidnap Me - it's easy to put it all on Trump rethoric but the issue is much bigger : armed militias aka terrorist groups, NRA, Guns "rights" and online cult like radicalisation

Trump is the easy target for many of the US endemic problems, left on the side, years after years, shooting after shooting, college mass shooting after the other, the rise of armed "militias" in the US is as problematic as the rise of armed terrorist groups endoctrinement with radical Islam, the only difference? Their skin colors, white supremacist militias will never be dealt with with the same way that US agencies deal with Islamic terrorist groups, but in the essence, they are fundamentaly the same : terrorists.


Previous allegations of election interference were already scarce in public evidence, beside information influence warfare, this time the allegation seems to be cooked to add another argument to the narrative "the election were rigged" so that Trump can use the card to stay in Power.


Even If @JoeBiden was sick for some reason, what the US people need isn't a "strong" president, neither a "energetic" campaign that supposedly unchain "passion" and more emotions than the other candidate.

What's needed is a humain being with a brain supported by decent people, able to fully purge every level of the US democratic system from the Trump adepts, loyalists and GOP enablers.

The Media, once again, are falling short on incarnating a public information service, constantly falling into the sensational, click baith, emotion driven narrative that is the often monopoly of the Trump gang, its the only thing they have : bullying, raping every issues, twisting it into their own toxic perspective, spitting people against each other.

IF Biden is sick, Harris will be a perfect US President after Trump, even better than Biden.

When your democracy is broken, what you need isn't passion driven paid hysteria propagandizing a strong leader, you need a healer, able to reform, launch gigantic structural changes that fix the mess that brought Trump in the first place.


Newsweek: Richard Spencer Backs Joe Biden, Says 'MAGA/Alt-Right Moment is Over'

From Heil Hitler to voting Biden : these people have no shame?


I can tell you, seen from Europe, what's enfolding in the US is beyond crazyness, its in many ways, intentional neglect with the purpose of killing whoever doesn't show loyalty to Trump.
Ya'll far down the road of regime change than most US media pundits, experts and what not are able to output. There won't be a peaceful transfer, because there won't be any transfers at all. It's beyond my understanding, how, something, cannot be done to this outrageous psychopath. After Trump, "unfit for office" is not going to mean anything, in a lot of different parts of the world.