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Information Activist, focus Ukraine | news aggregation tracking the Russian War against Ukraine
Automated DeepL Translations from telegram
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Alright, is back online, same for sub-sites / telegram archives etc..


Rebooting , should be up & running in a few minutes.


Alright, all running smooth :


Going to have to remount a remote storage, so will have to reboot container, then I have security upgrades to finish, so I'll have to reboot the server itself, be ready for a short downtime.


Demo for Russian channels :

so this is just a different way to browse the content from here

or for Ukraine channels and again same as

The baserow view add the ability to enrich the data with a team but also search and filtering capability on the aggregated content. the end goal would be osintukraine v2 : a united front-end with search and tagging capability, either from backend or front-end contributions.


Looking for people to participate.

Subject : Develop and improve the data collector of Russian and Ukrainian Telegram Channel tool deployed by myself.

The project is partly operational and need to level up, especially for the front end and the SQL databases management.

Researched Skills : database management, SQL, Python, front end development

I've reached the end of my capacity to improve what I already have, I'm looking for people with skills to be able to push all this work into its next level.


last week I had some serious troubles with remote sshfs volumes mounted on my server hosting telegram media files from the Russian war against .

90 telegram channels in one spot, translated + media

Video Only aggregation :
This one is still catching up, moving media files, when it's done, playback will be restored across tools.


Rebooting - back in 5'