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“The crisis has shone a light on the absence of proper thinking about values in law firms. They have started to scramble to keep up.” OH Really ? Law firms that have enabled Putin dog's for decades now suddenly worried about their reputation?


The Russian military will only respond to deterrence, they know that they can steamroll ahead with their superior artillery firepower and Superior air power and simply inch by inch meter by meter Village by Village crush the Ukrainian military's resistance.

As bravely as the Ukrainians have fought and are fighting every day, they simply do not have the hardware to stand up to the Russian army. This is why the calls for immediate and vast delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine is so critical.

Negotiations: The door should always be open absolutely, but the point is Vladimir Putin will only come to the negotiating table willing to back down, willing to compromise and give Ukraine and the West something we want, if he is facing loss, if he's facing deterrence, right now the fact that we have leaders, we have President Macron and Chancellor Schultz making phone calls to Putin calling for dialogue. This is feeding right into Putin strategy, any notion of saving Putin's face is farcical.

And honestly, when I heard Macron make this statement about not humiliating Putin, I had the sense that maybe it's about not humiliating Mr Macron.

He went on his very high profile diplomatic mission to Moscow before the war began, said, I'm going to sit down with Vladimir Putin and talk to him. Well, that didn't work.

Vladimir Putin has a much better measure of the men in high office here in Western Europe than our leaders have of him. He's been in this game for a very long time. He's much more experienced PsyOps and our leaders have zero experience in this.

This is a tactical weakness that Russia is also playing with Putin knows that the egos of our leaders can be manipulated for his aims. He also knows that the fears of our voters are for him a weapon he can use by spreading fear in the population. He can ensure that our Democratic institutions and leaders have to respond to those fears and the number one thing that our leaders in Western Europe would need to do to assuage those fears is having a clear conversation with the public with the people of Germany or France and all across Europe to help them understand why this is happening what Russia's strategy is and what we are doing to counter it but instead unfortunately, especially in the case of Chancellor Schultz. He walked right into the trap, and he spread the fear himself even further.

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WAR IN UKRAINE : How France delivered weapons to Russia until 2020

Between 2015 and 2020, France delivered state-of-the-art military equipment to Russia.This equipment has enabled Vladimir Putin to modernise 1,000 tanks, fighter planes and combat helicopters, and could be used in the Ukrainian conflict.



Who the fuck is Patrick Lancaster, Russia’s favorite war propagandist

Russia’s favorite war propagandist is a Navy veteran from Missouri

Putin’s invasion has catapulted Patrick Lancaster, who calls himself an independent journalist, into the limelight.



Let's penetrate Russia 2022 ?

Translation : A few days ago we received a message from Mullvad . These are the guys* from Sweden who make a great open source VPN with the utmost respect for the privacy of their users.

want to donate 10,000 account keys from their service to Russians who now more than ever need access to alternative sources of information. But how exactly to distribute these keys, they do not really understand. We proposed to make a Telegram bot that will issue one key to one hand. Accounts will work for at least three months, then they can be renewed.

It was very important for us to do this without any of the conditions that always come with something "free" on the Internet. We didn?t want all these ?like?, ?subscribe to the channel?, and then we will give away access. Now, when Russia is waging a horrendous war, trying to destroy a neighboring country, military censorship has actually been introduced in Russia itself. Roskomnadzor and the security forces are destroying all independent media that talk about this war and the crimes of Putin's army. Under these conditions, the ability to circumvent censorship has become a necessity. Therefore, anyone and everyone can access a quality and free VPN until our 10,000 keys run out.

The number of accounts is limited, so we ask you not to start a bot just like that - especially if you already have a quality VPN. Mullvad is easy to use and install, so save this option for those who can't afford to pay for a subscription, or who find it technically difficult to install free but slightly more technical services for themselves .


Investigation for Vladimir Putin’s 70th birthday - Чем болеет Владимир Путин • Проект.

It is commonly assumed that by his 23rd year in office, the Russian president is only interested in geopolitics. In fact, there is at least one other issue that concerns Putin at least as much — his own health. It seems that the president has a lot to worry about. In the year of the anniversary of the head of the Russian state, The Project answers the most secret questions of the Kremlin — who treats Putin and from what.