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‘We Have Been Invaded by Fascists’ - #Ukraine #WarStories

Viktor Marunyak, the ‘sheriff’ of Stara Zburievka in southern Ukraine, survived abduction and torture at the hands of Russian occupiers. He tells New Lines why his native Kherson region will never be controlled by Russia


Have a setup to host Telegram Desktop Exports with media, images, videos
now I can finally focus on making it incremental and automated !


"Tu as besoin de mettre quelqu'un en public, alors tu comprendras, putain. Commençons par vous !" Comment les commandants ont fait pression sur ceux qui ont refusé de se battre en Ukraine


Watch & Listen Live commentaries/investigation/briefings & community talk about the situation in Ukraine, you can join on YT or Twitter space :


One accusation circulating on social media was that the Geneva-based body helped organise forced evacuations of Ukrainians from the besieged city of Mariupol to Russia.

Watson insisted that the ICRC "would never support any operation that would go against people's will and our principles".


⚡️ Ukraine's General Staff: Russia fails to mobilize enough military personnel in North Caucasus.

Locals don't want to fight in the war against Ukraine, according to Ukrainian intelligence data.

According to Ukraine's general staff, due to acute shortage of military personnel, Russia plans to conduct a nationwide mobilization in parallel with the spring conscription, running from April 1 and until July 15.

source The Kyiv Independent