• @manton I think the issue is solved now, I deleted one incriminating post with an odd img field, also reworked my source rss feed to have clean html tags and, then rebuilt the blog, I don't see any errors now and all content match both on backend and frontend :))

    thanks for the support !!

  • @manton Hey thank you for everything, it's fully operational now! 🙏🏽

  • @manton nevermind,it's working !

  • @manton BTW, is everything running at MB ? my blog has not been updated since yesterday even tho there are new rss feeds items on the loop, any idea ?

  • @manton found a solution that I will implement on my side soon.. - I have entirely recreated the RSS feed, with just title, small description and link to source built in the body of the description.

    So this way it will stop scrapping entire articles to my blog and just use title, desc, link! 👍

  • @manton yup I imagine 😅 the only issue is, for some of the sources, not all, the article gets scrapped in full, maybe it's the source not configuring their own rss feed, in other cases the link/desc to the sources doesn't get posted at all and just the title gets imported here (already reported)

  • @manton Ha interesting.. Indeed I'm using it in a very handy way that isn't this use case.. I'm basically using it like a bot, I curate information on Ukraine on my RSS feed reader, the things I star or label with a tag, update a rss feed that is then ingested here auto create posts I selected

  • @manton I think the current way it imports from external feeds might be breaking copyright laws.

    The ideal world would be having just the title, description and source link be imported to the blog, leaving the full article at the source, to avoid any infringement.

    The odd thing is that, based on the way the RSS feed is at the source, in some cases posts don't break copyright laws and in others it literally syphon the entire posts content back into ones blog.. I think it makes sense for when users use the import feed feature to read content etc..but in the case of importing, this feature might be an issue. Just my 2 cens on this because I don't want say, Kyiv Independent coming my way saying I steal their content..

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    UkraineNews #WarinUkraine #opensource #intelligence

  • @manton Oh great!!! I was trying to figure out, why some articles and not others and also comparing my master feed from Inoreader and FreshRSS but I could not really spot a difference to explain this, since, for the feedreader, clicking on the title always lead to the full article at the source i.imgur.com/QhqtIDn.p... so what complicates even more the situation is when the source embed the source link in the description (which serves me well) it's as if, in some cases, the link attribute wasn't present ? Then I have also an issue with google links, but that's has nothing to do with micro.blog

  • @manton sorry to bother again, did you find anything to fix about this?

  • @manton did you find something buggy ?

  • @manton I'm not sure, because, it depends on each feed source contained in these two master bucket of different feed sources : benb.micro.blog/2023/06/1... (not showing link to source)

    and this one properly linking to source (but no description scraped beyond the title, which is fine) benb.micro.blog/2023/06/1...

  • @manton correct, these are the two RSS feed i'm working with : 1 and 2