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The multilayer analysis and visualization platform.

MuxViz is a framework for the multilayer analysis and visualization of networks. It allows an interactive visualization and exploration of multilayer networks, i.e., graphs where nodes exhibit multiple relationships simultaneously. It is suitable for the analysis of social networks exhibiting relationships of different type (e.g., family, work, etc) or interactions on different platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc), biological networks characterized by different type of interactions (e.g., electric, chemical, etc, or allelic, non-allelic, etc), transportation networks consisting of different means of transport (e.g., trains, bus, etc), to cite just some of the possible applications.


My first dat Hello World ! #dat

My first dat Hello World ! #dat



5 minutes to install :

once beaker browser is installed, it's easy to create your first test site or play with existing apps. 



Saudi Arabia coverup


COMMUNIQUÉ DU #CMCLD Réouverture du Musée de l'Afrique de #Tervuren : une décolonisation manquée.

COMMUNIQUÉ DU #CMCLD Réouverture du Musée de l'Afrique de #Tervuren : une décolonisation manquée.

Maintenant que les esprits médiatiques et polémistes se sont calmés, posons-nous les bonnes questions dans la sérénité.


le Mastodon des est une instance de mastodon qui est un réseau social décentralisé et indépendant des GAFAM (Google Apple Facebook Amazon Microsoft).


A digital alter ego could protect individuals in the never-ending cyber war. #AI #disinfo

This situation was long in the making and not just in South Korea. Several legal, policy and cultural features of society have helped bring about today’s environment. Social media and the Internet are powerful tools for disseminating disinformation and manipulating the public into taking actions that work against its own good.