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When propagandist openly embrace their terrorist roots.


El grupo hacker "Guacamaya" publicó un comunicado junto con mas de 2 TB de correos electronicos filtrados procedentes de varias empresas

The source for these leaks is the hacktivist collective Guacamaya. Guacamaya outlined their motivation in a statement in Spanish that reads in part:

We are not the defenders of nature, we are a part of nature … For our dead, for our ancestors, for the territory, for life, for the land: reparation and justice! We break into their tech systems and hack. We infiltrate its entrails. In this way we seek reparations, knowing that the damage caused to the earth, its children and the dignity of people is irreparable, but just know that we will be there to demand accountability. We will honor our Pachamama and our ancestors, to provide a light for those who come and continue in resistance defending life. Enough with impunity!


Nancy Pelosi Flight to Taiwan (Probably) Live Stream With an Airline Pilot


“The crisis has shone a light on the absence of proper thinking about values in law firms. They have started to scramble to keep up.” OH Really ? Law firms that have enabled Putin dog's for decades now suddenly worried about their reputation?


Архів війни - The War Archive is a unified database of video and audio materials about the war in Ukraine.

The War Archive is a unified database of video and audio materials about the war in Ukraine. We preserve and organize the military chronicle. Millions of people have become victims and witnesses of numerous crimes. With the simplest means of documentation, we can make these crimes visible and punish the perpetrators. And also to tell the world about what it is like to live during the war.


The humanitarian situation in the [occupied] Lugansk Region is catastrophic - the bodies of the
dead have not been removed from the streets and from under the houses [by Russian occupiers],
said the head of the Luhansk military administration, Sergei Gaidai. An infection is spreading in
Severodonetsk, probably due to the consumption of water from the wells with the
decomposition products.