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Did North Carolina Economically Breed-Out Blacks During its Historical Eugenic Sterilization Campaign? – American Review Of Political Economy

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Quite disturbing to have a simultaneous view on the full political spectrum narratives..

On one side you have leftist/progressives/blm/antifa becoming mainstream, on the other end of the spectrum you have the so called Conservatives/right/Altright/far-right/white-supremacist turned mainstream with the rise of Trump but quickly becoming pariah mainly due to their own inaction, corruption, kleptocracy, oligarchy, authoritarian drift.

in the middle you have people that got concerned about politics because of the rise of Trump, at any cost they want to make sure a Democrat is elected in November and due to the current situation (BLM, Covid19,Trump) are getting closer to the progressive swarm.

on the fringe of this ecosystem, you have a ring of conspiracy theories, blunt propaganda, twisted activists posing as journalists or academics, trying to mainstream these fringe theories using leverages such as Trump and now no more than 60+ US politicians, openly endorsing QAnon delusions.

Between Parler, Gab, Twitter, Facebook and my own chronological monitoring of News using RSS the only corner of the Internet where I can rest is still the .