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  • Hi @manton

    I’m having bluesky token errors, I think bluesky changed how third party app should auth or use the session-refresh instead of reauth each time..I think it’s having an impact here

    Another issue i’m seeing since a few days is, third party apps can’t see syndication endpoints (Indie.pass, but also micro.blog android app) and since this morning I can’t see the accounts to crosspost to from the web app, when I pick “Show crossposting” nothing show up even tho I have several accounts connected.

  • Fact Check: Irina Tsukerman’s article on #Pegasusgate

  • Russia amplifies right-wing influence campaign to undermine support for Ukraine by exploiting Hawaii’s tragedy A deep, deep dive into the symbiotic relationship between right-wing influencers, Russian state media, and the shared disinformation ecosystem in which they live.

  • GeoConfirmed UKR [CO] - BREACH - Tokmak Axis.

    Russian Artillery (100th Sep. Recon BDE) shelling Ukrainians BEHIND the first Surovikin Defense line near #Verbove. The 82nd Air Assault Brigade has breached. threadreaderapp.com/thread/16…

  • Sorry to bother, but I really need some help

    Hi @jean sorry to bother you, but I’ve sent two emails to help, my blog is not generating/publishing (even tho posts are being created fine apparently, but all my post are yet to be published, date is stuck on the 20th, also my /feeds/ page is gone and my main RSS feed for my blog redirects into an infinite loop.

    I have no idea what happened, have not touched to the theme or anything. there is a red banner on top of my backend blog with an error and this error is also showing on the log, I’ve sent everything via email, would it be possible to have a look ?

  • I had Both Telegram Archives videosrus.osintukraine.com and russia.osintukraine.com stuck since a few hours, it’s now fetching all the data and will soon display data for 22/08

    almost done!

  • Apparently there are ongoing #Telegram outages for Russians, not sure how this is impacting Ukrainians or not :/ hope it’s not going to disrupt he archiving process here :/

  • had to reboot the server, things are now back online osintukraine.com

  • Updated a bunch of feeds and added some telegram channels, check out osintukraine.com

  • The “Ukrainian” commando behind the yacht Andromeda reported by misguided media as used for blowing up #Nordstream is “surprisingly” not Ukrainian and leads to… Russia. Who could have guessed?


  • Alright, back online and pumping videos from #telegram is now smooth! #archive #videos #Ukraine 🇷🇺


  • Had an issue with a remote mount volume using SSHfs, Moving a bunch of video files, had to umount the volume from every containers using it, just to be able to have access to the files, then will have to remount & attach to each containers. Expect downtime osintukraine.com

  • Slowly moving 400+GB of videos files to the right storage place and then, I’ll be able to reboot videosrus.osintukraine.com and keep serving present time archival tasks

    Waiting for the move to finish to build the static site & reflect present time of the archive.

  • No matter what happens in two days, #Musk is going to be taught a lesson! the important is not Who is giving musk the lesson, or not even if Musk will understand the lesson, the important is the lesson itself. #thread

  • Boycott Russia boycottrussia.info

  • Slowly getting there but I’m near the finish line to redesign my “video only” archives, I’ve already set an banner alert on the old archive ruvideos.osintukraine.com and uavideos.osintukraine.com Should probably go live today or tomorrow when sync is finished!

  • Moved a few apps to make more room for osintukraine.com server, the idea is to be able to face future downtime with more flexibility, without loosing data or API/scrapping time !

  • Having an issue with osintukraine.com at the moment, currently working on it !

  • One of the best Twitter Spaces that you can attend directly on YouTube!

    If you can’t attend the space on Twitter you may listen on YT courtesy of OSINT-TV


  • Currently having a bug with some of the sources

    For some posts, the link to the source is not getting posted, I’m working on it ! Until this is fixed you can always look here or here