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JSONhero with russian "live" telegram video war data


Alright, is back online, same for sub-sites / telegram archives etc..


Rebooting , should be up & running in a few minutes.


Alright, all running smooth :


Going to have to remount a remote storage, so will have to reboot container, then I have security upgrades to finish, so I'll have to reboot the server itself, be ready for a short downtime.


Ukraine : Country wide siren alerts - information is that two missile salvos have been fired into Ukraine. ETA on the first is around 14:50, second wave ETA is 15:30.


Demo for Russian channels :

so this is just a different way to browse the content from here

or for Ukraine channels and again same as

The baserow view add the ability to enrich the data with a team but also search and filtering capability on the aggregated content. the end goal would be osintukraine v2 : a united front-end with search and tagging capability, either from backend or front-end contributions.




Update : getting ready to release a bunch of new boards using Baserow to display translations, this time with direct link to videos/media
Along with search, filtering.
Better to focus on work.